David Meltzer, Editor

David Meltzer (born February 17, 1937) is an American poet and musician of the Beat Generation and San Francisco Renaissance, including people such as Jack Spicer and Robert Duncan. From 1980 through 2007, Meltzer was a Poetics Core Faculty member of the now-defunct “New College of California” originally founded by Duncan.

He is the author of more than 50 books of poetry and prose. 2005 saw the publication of David’s Copy: The Selected Poems of David Meltzer (edited by Michael Rothenberg, with an introduction by Jerome Rothenberg) which provides a current “overview” of Meltzer’s work.

Other recent books of poetry are No Eyes: Lester Young, (Black Sparrow, 2000), and Arrows: Selected Poetry, 1957-1992 (Black Sparrow Press, 1994).

David Meltzer has also long been involved in the Kabbalah as a uniquely committed social, hermeneutic, and personal practice.

To read more about Meltzer’s life, work, and upcoming events, visit his personal website www.meltzerville.com