Evan Pritchard

Evan Pritchard, an author and musician of Native American extraction, has been the contributing editor to a number of books in the field of addiction and recovery, including Abused by Dee Anna Parrish, Vicious Circles also with Dee Anna Parrish, and The Journey Toward Complete Recovery by Dr. Michael Picucci.

His own critically acclaimed book Secrets of Wholehearted Thinking, published in 1994, was originally intended as a “guide to recovery of the complete person,” as so when he saw the early version of Michael Picucci’s work on Complete Recovery a few years later, he recognized the brilliance of it, and offered to help to rewrite it in a way that would have a greater emotional and intellectual impact on the world, which is exactly what happened.

In addition to editing the text, Evan Pritchard coined the term APT, Authentic Process Therapy, and proposed and designed the Trauma-Addiction-Recovery chart, which has since been adopted by several national support groups and agencies.

Evan Pritchard is best known for his book No Word For Time: The Way of the Algonquin People from Council Oak Books. The community healing methods described in this book closely parallel many of the ideas adopted by The Institute for Authentic Process Healing.

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