Jalal Toufic

Jalal Toufic is a Lebanese artist, filmmaker and author, born to an Iraqi father and a Palestinian mother. He has lived in Lebanon for about 17 years, and his work often reflects his heritage. Since September 2007 Toufic has lived in Istanbul, where he is currently a Professor in the Department of Communication Design at Kadir Has University. He is the author of He is the author of Distracted (Station Hill, 1991; 2nd ed., Tuumba, 2003), : An Uneasy Essay on the Undead in Film (Station Hill, 1993; 2nd ed., Post Apollo, 2003), Over-Sensitivity (Sun & Moon, 1996), Forthcoming (Atelos, 2000), Undying Love, or Love Dies (Post Apollo, 2002), Two or Three Things I’m Dying to Tell You (Post Apollo, 2005), and ‘sh’r’: This Blood Spilled in My Veins (Forthcoming Books, 2005)

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