Michael Perlman

Michael Perlman, who died in 1998, was an adjunct professor at Vermont College, a Jungian psychologist, and an ecologist. He was editing the Einstein papers for Princeton University at the time of his death Рa testament to his immense intellect. He was also working on a paper that explored the basis of mathematics as an expression of inherent universal structure and properties. He had previously thought of mathematics as a product of abstract human thinking divorced from any natural roots Рan artificially developed discipline carried on within the confines of classrooms, private studies, and lecture halls, but not outdoors Рconceptually perhaps, but seldom in practice.  His new hypothesis may have been that true mathematics is in encoded in our DNA as an expression of the universal physical laws Рand of course the architecture of trees. Michael Perlman is also the author of the renowned  Power of Trees: The Reforesting of the Soul.