Robert Kelly

Poet and fiction writer Robert Kelly was born in 1935 in Brooklyn and educated at CCNY and Columbia, where he studied medieval literature and linguistics.  His first book, Armed Descent, was published in 1961; since then he has published over sixty more,  most recently the novel The Book from the Sky, the long poem Fire Exit, and his fifth collection of short stories, The Logic of the World.  He has been especially interested in collaborations with artists (The Garden of Distances, Shame) and other poets (Mont Blanc, Unquell the Dawn Now).  He was a founder of Chelsea and Trobar, and an editor of Caterpillar, Alcheringa, and Conjunctions.  He is the Asher B. Edelman Professor of Literature at Bard College, where  he started the writing program in the Milton Avery Graduate School.  He co-directs the Program in Written Arts.  He lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife, the translator Charlotte Mandell.

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