Rod Bull

CropperCapture[98]Rod Bull was born and raised in London, England. From a young age he resisted the confines of traditional expectations and fled to far and foreign regions to broaden his horizon as a coming of age. After he hitched hiked his way through Europe, the Middle East and India he “settled” down in Australia to indulge in the common culture he so earlier rejected taking on odd jobs as a sugar cane cutter, oil seaman and a mental health orderly and the not so mundane pursuits of deep sea diving and ski instructing.  Years later he came back to London to pursue a career in photography where he worked as a freelancer for Mobil oil then later published his first book Time Stands Still, a pictorial on the stone circles of the United Kingdom and France. As his photography career grew so did his spiritual quest which led him to the teachings of Gurdjieff and Tibetan Buddhism. During his later London years he started a family and eventually moved to upstate New York where currently resides.