Ronald Robbins

Ronald Robbins received his Doctorate in Psychology in 1965. Besides Clinical Psychology, his education emphasized early childhood education, group and organizational dynamics, and philosophy. He has elaborated on these interests throughout his professional life as a psychotherapist;as a consultant to the White House Conference on Children;as a Technical Specialist to Head Start during its formative years; as a change facilitator to small treatment centers, all levels of academic institutions, small business and international corporations, and in improving the performance of NCAA athletes.

Ron studied Psychodrama under the direction of Dr. J. L. Moreno, and his wife Zerka, serving for a brief time as the Director of Training at their Institute in Beacon, New York and studied body psychotherapy as a student and client of Dr. Alexander Lowen, founder of Bioenergetic Analysis. He is a student of Kabbalah, studies a rapid method body-oriented Sufi path taught by Adnan Sarhan, and practices Tai Chi.

Ron  has trained therapists extensively throughout the world. He is currently a Training Analyst for the Bioenergetic Institute for whom he has served as a Trustee. He was a Steering Committee Member for the USABP during its formative phases, and is a Diplomate of the National Institute of Sports.
He has written and spoken extensively, hismajor work is: Rhythmic Integration: Finding Wholeness in the Cycle of Change, Station Hill Press, 1990. For that work he reviewed the lives of the founders of the major psychotherapy schools of the 1960’s, includingCarl Jung and R. D. Laing, and personally interviewed Ellis, Moreno, Schiff, Rogers, Satir, and Lowen to relate their lives and work to the phase of the Rhythmic Cycle with which they were identified.