Gisela Gamper and
Rachel Pollack

Fabrications is a series of photographs composed by Gisela Gamper accompanied by text of Rachel Pollock. In the opening, Pollock states, “Like many women artists, Gamper uses her body as a (literal) ground of being, the necessary source from which all experience must emerge. But she also absorbs experience back into her own form. Instead of exploring how the body inhabits and moves in an alien world, these photos graft the world itself directly onto the artist’s torso, at first through photomontage, and later through computer manipulation of images.”

Pollock continues, “Though the pictures veer toward abstraction they all begin in the artist’s life.”

The book ends with a quote from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche which points to a message this collection deeply invokes—“The essence of mind is in the heart.”

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