Into Stillness

Into Stillness

Cheryl Pallant

Engaging a rhythmic propulsion similar to that of the poet’s first book, Into Stillness offers a compelling meditation on the sacredness of the body in the shadow of atrocity. Her kinetic poetry swirls historical fragments with dream, memory, flesh, violence, human and ecstasy. With the flow of prose and the luminous interruptivity of poetry, Into Stillness explores the tension between self and other, existence and death, the word and its silence. The prose-like poems erupt from an innate yet unexplainable knowledge, surprising linguistically with their twists of meaning, landing in unexpected shapes and senses.

“Into Stillness is a death-defying act of language and imagination. An audacious, fluid living thing.” – Carole Maso

“Cheryl Pallant’s poems are remarkably attuned to the ever-changing relationship between language and the human body. She doesn’t describe experience so much as activate it, make it move as we move, close to others or away, close to ourselves or anguished by the gap between our desires and what we’ll let ourselves know of them. The poems of Into Stillness are explorations, not explanations, they are poems of process, of switching, of defeat and the return from defeat, of dissolution and the determination, always, to stand where it’s necessary to stand.” – Mark Wallace

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