Little Green Book On Awakening, The

Little Green Book On Awakening, The

As we confront the challenges of climate change, author James George calls us to wake up and stop our careless treatment of our planet before it's too late. At the same time, he shares his own practice towards waking up - the practice of Presence, known to all spiritual paths, and simply and eloquently presented in this book.

From The Little Green Book...

“To become aware of the omnipresence of Consciousness may be the next great leap in human evolution and the foundation of the new paradigm in which both science and spirituality can find common ground. For consciousness is the field that connects - not separates - everything with everything, at all levels, and everything with the All, in one Wholeness.”

Advance Praise:

“The ecological revolution needed for a sustainable society will involve our technologies and institutions, of course, but it must also involve a radical shift in our relationship with ourselves, with each other, with other species and with the planet as a whole, in short a revolution of consciousness. This book is highly recommended.” - Ravi Ravindra, author of Science and Spirit

“What is needed above all, James George writes, is a radical awakening of our consciousness, a transformation of what we have mistakenly called human nature. This book eloquently cries out to the world for a radical blending of environmental sensibility and spiritual insight. - Jacob Needleman, author of The American Soul

“The Honorable James George has put into his thoughtful and timely book a lifetime of wisdom and helpful insights as to what human beings can and must do in the face of the plundering and polluting of the planet by our species.” - Dr. Brent Blackwelder, President, Friends of the Earth

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