Music and Sound in the Healing Arts

Music and Sound in the Healing Arts

John Beaulieu

Richly illustrated with pictures, stories, and the author’s experience as composer and therapist, this book explores the history and practice of healing sound from ancient philosophies to the practical applications of therapy, religion, and art: mantra, toning, voice evaluation, tuning forks, and music listening. It also contains guidelines and exercises for teaching and an evaluation of music therapy today.

”...destined to become an invaluable resource for teachers, students and practitioners in all the healing arts. (He) guides his reader through all there is to know about sound healing—perfectly integrating didactic left-brain material with right-brain inner journeying.” – Elisabeth L. Macrae, MD

“(His) development of the body as sound is artfully done and is maintained by a well-supported and cohesive systems view. I especially appreciate his presentation of the practical aspects of sound energetics.” – James Z. Said, DC, ND

“Great! Finally a book on the important topic of healing with sound that comes from clinical experience—not facile esoteric speculation.” – David Gonzalez, Certified Music Therapist

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