No Safe Place

No Safe Place

Christina Crawford

Christina Crawford’s devastating memoir, Mommie Dearest (over 5,000,000 copies sold), first as a book and later as a Hollywood film, made the American public aware of violence in the family. In No Safe Place she draws further on her personal story, adding sociological research for addictive behavior, depression, sleep disorders, chronic illness, suicide, delinquency, homelessness, and apparently “mindless” violent crime. A call to action—this impassioned book offers the hope that in facing the truth about our families we can save our society and ourselves.

“If we could stop the violence in our homes, we could reduce the diagnostic disorders to a pamphlet and empty three-fourths of our prisons….This book embodies Ms. Crawford’s sharp insight into the roots of violence and how to stop it.” – from the foreword by John Bradshaw, author of Healing the Shame that Binds You and Homecoming

”...for those concerned with the future of the family in our culture, this book is a must read.” – Justice Mark Kennedy, Supreme Court of Alabama

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