Paik Video

Paik Video

Edith Decker-Phillips

Published originally in German, Paik Video is the first English language edition of this full treatment of the “Father of Video Art,” Nam June Paik. Richly illustrated with photographs and descriptions of his works, it includes a definitive discussion of the artist’s claim to be the first Video Artist. A “must-read” for all persons interested in Video Art, this book will also be essential to all serious art collections and is an ideal introduction to the field. Paik was the first artist to use the TV tube as a medium for making art. Since the late 50’s, the ingenious and outrageously inventive, Korean-born, American artist has subjected the video medium to a continuous series of transformations, whether producing interacting webs of electron light by exposing the TV tube to magnetic fields or creating installations involving arrays of dozens of TV screens. His videotapes, installations, objects, drawings and prints are remarkable for the provocative and entertaining way they shed light both on the institution of television and contemporary communication.

Features 17 full-color and numerous black and white photographs of Nam June Paik’s video art. Provides extensive aesthetic and technical analyses of the whole spectrum of Paik’s oeuvre from the late 50’s to 1984. Also provides a complete, thematically organized catalogue of installations from 1963 to 1984; ample annotations; a full bibliography; name and subject indices.

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