Perfectly Still

Perfectly Still

Patricia B. moran

As a young professor sits with a student and then her own mother through their illnesses and deaths, she experiences an inner stillness that calls into question all that she thinks she knows. This beautifully written memoir is both a story about courageous people and a spiritual revelation: that death is a return to love without barriers.

"Perfectly Still is a luminously beautiful book, brimming with the love that energizes our universe and lies at the still center of all of us. Authentically in touch the most important things, Patricia Moran writes with profound spiritual insight and deep understanding of human emotions...(it) offers us an incomparable gift: joyful awareness of the real nature of life, death and love. If you have the courage to allow it, this book will change your life." - Mary Manin Morrissey, Senior Minister at the Living Enrichment Center, author of Building Your Field of Dreams

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