Porphyry On The Cave of the Nymphs

Porphyry On The Cave of the Nymphs

Robert D. Lamberton

A unique survival of ancient hermeneutical literature, this essay reveals the allegorical implications of Chapter 13 in the Odyssey. The Neo-Platonist Porphyry gives us invaluable insight into the way Homer was read in antiquity. This is the first publication of a new annotated translation from the Greek by Robert Lamberton, a poet, classics scholar, film critic, naturalist, and translator of both ancient and contemporary literature.

Robert Duncan writes, "Robert Lamberton's study and translation has at last brought us this volume... long needs to stand beside the work of the Platonist Thomas Taylor. He has cast light from a new hermeneutics, the heritage of sciences of the soul since Taylor's time, a work that will open the Way again."

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