Rhyme of the Aged Mariness, The

Rhyme of the Aged Mariness, The

Lynn Lonidier, with a Preface by Jerome Rothernberg

This book gathers all the poems written by Lynn Lonidier (1937-1993) between her last book and her death. Lynn Lonidier was a streetwise, visionary poet whose idiom was a jazzy American English with San Francisco Mission-district Spanish thrown into the mix. Unequivocally lesbian and feminist, consistently dedicated to the underprivileged, her work brims with anger and irony, energy and humor, yet is suffused with loving tenderness throughout.

“Lynn Lonidier remains for me, for us, one of that company of poets who has shaped an image-of-the-world we now can recognize as true & in ways we hadn’t known before she showed them to us.” – Jerome Rothenberg, in his Preface to this volume

“Lynn Lonidier’s last poems take the reader on a wild ride into a rich, multi-leveled world of wit, beauty, and breath-taking linguistic abundance. Her best are reminiscent of a Joyce gone lesbian and lyrical, yet at the same time the originality of her voice, (particularly her experiments in Spanglais), place her firmly in the uniquely bilingual, rapturously political landscape of fin de siecle San Francisco.” – Mary Mackey, author of The Earthsong Trilogy

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