Rhythmic Integration

Rhythmic Integration

Starting with the pretext that the only constant in human development is change, this unique theory of the cycles of individual growth and creative evolution integrates the psycho-therapeutic and the spiritual to map six phases of change: Dream, Creation, Communication, Inspiration, Solidification, and Achievement. This book is a manual for self-understanding with great potential for use in therapy. It allows readers to identify themselves by psychological type and then progress to the next phase of their own development.

"One of the most original contributions to the theory of personality." - Alexander Lowen, MD, author of Bioenergetics

"To know how to enter into the mystery of the rhythm of change is to cooperate with the transformative. Here, in terms of our age, change is richly and beautifully explored through a whole range of human endeavor." - Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, Professor, Temple University

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