Self-Embodying Mind, The

Self-Embodying Mind, The

Jason W. Brown

Jason W. Brown’s highly original approach to unfolding mental content through qualitatively different stages—the theory of microgenesis - developed out of direct clinical observation of patients’ symptoms in relation to focal injuries to the brain. Microgenesis – the “rapidly flickering recapitulation of an individual’s entire past as the content in which each moment of the now is experienced” (Deane Juhan) – is a process theory, as distinct from the localization and cognitivist psychologies that have dominated psychology and neurology for so many years.

Brown’s unique approach began with disorders of language, followed by problems of action and perception; these in turn led to a general theory of the mind and questions on the nature of self and world, the creative aspects of thought and perception, and the nature of time. The theory connects to Whitehead’s process metaphysics and even to some aspects of Buddhist thought. This book is a contribution to the philosophy of mind from the perspective of microgenetic theory.

“Readers who immerse themselves in [Jason w. Brown’s Time, Will, and Mental Process] will be transformed, never to think the same way again about the mind.” – The American Journal of Psychiatry

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