Sounds of the River Naranjana

Sounds of the River Naranjana

The Tablets is a big poem, a startling conception….In scope and concept it is like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Williams’ Paterson and Pound’s Cantos. ” -Diane Wakoski

“Likely to force a reevaluation of the possibilities of visual poetry….An extraordinary book of poems…reveals a staggering complexity, wit and style.” -Art in America

“What moves me most is the love – the extent of and the authenticity of the love that moves these poems and involves Armand Schwerner in the profoundest meditations.” -Sherman Paul

Armand Schwerner

“Armand Schwerner’s work is, put plainly, astonishing. Every technical achievement is a figure of its spirit-work and every deepening of its vision, a unique poetic mastery. In American poetry, he seems without precedent or peer, a poet whose work is a luminous addition to the canon.” -Michael Heller

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