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42 Merzgedichte

Jackson Mac Low

Written in memory of the German collagist, painter, sculptor, and writer, Kurt Schwitters (who referred to all of his works as "Merz," a syllable taken from the advertisement for the Kommerzund Privatbank and included in all his earliest assemblages)...

List Price: 21.95

A Fiery Flying Roule (1-25)

Eirik Steinhoff

A Fiery Flying Roule (1-25) collects a series of pamphlets that circulated in the vicinity of the Oakland Commune (a.k.a. Occupy Oakland) in late 2011 and early 2012. Under a title recycled from a pair of pamphlets rife with prophetic do-it-yourself political theory first released in London in 1649 (shortly after the decapitation of Charles I), these latter-day Roules splice the antinomian enthusiasm and polyphonic communism of the Levellers, Diggers, and Ranters of the mid-seventeenth century with the manic connect-the-dot-logic of Dr. Bronner’s soap bottle labels....

Spring 2014

List Price: 13.95


Dee Anna Parrish, LCSW

If a part of your life seems to make no sense, yet you can’t put the puzzle together because some of the pieces are missing, this book is for you...

List Price: 15.95


Dr. Gary F. Fleischman

If you have ever been treated by an acupuncturist and want to understand what it is all about, or if you are curious about whether acupuncture might work for you or someone you love, here is a straight-forward presentation...

List Price: 19.95

Aegis: Selected Poems 1970-1980

Cid Corman

"Aegis" literally means "protection," from the Greek Aigis, the name of the shield of Zeus, said by Herodotus to be related to aix, "goat," as the shield was of goatskin. (Athene's aigis was a short goat-skin cloak, covered with scales, set with a gorgon's head, and fringed with snakes...

List Price: 9.95

Ainu Dreams

George Quasha

In Ainu Dreams, poet George Quasha and buun, a Japanese artist living in America, collaborate in poetically manifesting the artist’s richly articulated dream-life. These eighty-odd poems embody an ever-opening cosmos of curious image, surprising narrative, and enigmatic “teaching”...

List Price: 13.95

America a Prophecy

George Quasha and Jerome Rothenberg

Celebrated, controversial, influential, this highly unconventional and ground-breaking anthology of American poetry was widely read and taught throughout the 70s and early 80s. Treating the visionary and the experimental as essential American values,  America a Prophecy maps...

List Price: 34.95

Angel's Task

Laurie Patton

Laurie Patton’s “Poems in Biblical Time” give contemplative voice to the reading cycle of the Jewish year. Replete with ancient imagery coming alive in the language of the present, each poem weaves...

List Price: 14.95

Ann Margaret Loves You and other psychotopological diversions

Franz Kamin

In this richly integrated collection of stories, poems, & other texts, the intermedial composer-performer Franz Kamin generates a personal mythos out of his musical, mathematical, biographical, & mystical concerns...


List Price: 29.95

Arcana Mundi

Jan Harrison and Linda Weintraub

Arcana Mundi is a stunningly reproduced collection of works on paper by a celebrated artist living in upstate New York. Sexually charged images of dream-like "power animals" reflecting human states absorb the viewer...

List Price: 22.95
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