About Intermedia Lab

"Most of my readers will have observed a small water-insect on the surface of rivulets, which throws a cinque-spotted shadow fringed with prismatic colours on the sunny bottom of the brook; and will have noticed, how the little animal wins its way up against the stream, by alternate pulses of active and passive motion, now resisting the current, and now yielding to it in order to gather strength and a momentary fulcrum for a further propulsion. This is no unapt emblem of the mind's self-experience in the act of thinking. There are evidently two powers at work, which relatively to each other are active and passive; and this is not possible without an intermediate faculty, which is at once both active and passive. In philosophical language, we must denominate this intermediate faculty in all its degrees and determinations, the IMAGINATION." —from Biographia Literaria, Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Station Hill Intermedia Lab is dedicated to uncovering new surfaces for poetry, which folds into the mission of Station Hill Press and its not-for-profit sponsoring corporation, the Institute for Publishing Arts: “To challenge and expand conceptions of human possibility.”

The initial line of the Intermedia Lab’s development is a series of performances that utilize a stately recording space (including a green screen for background projection and a three-camera and audio setup capable of making high quality video and livestream feed) at the Green Kill Gallery. A peer-to-peer, multi-use art space, located in Kingston, NY, Green Kill operates according to a new, inclusive model to support the arts (Fractured Atlas). The artist David Schell is the Director of Green Kill and has done many real-time, hard-driving livestreams from this space impeccably.

"...intermedium, an uncharted land that lives between collage, music and the theater ... is not governed by rules: each work determines its own medium and form according to its needs." —from Intermedia, Dick Higgins

The Intermedia Lab invites poets to conceive, organize/rehearse and enact roughly hour-long performances that include words (presumably their own, though that’s also open) plus sound/music and image/video, with the possibility that such works might also include other elements, like limited (socially distanced) movement/dance and whatever other forms may evolve.

"Poetry came before language." —Omar Pérez

Please note that while these will be live performances, due to pandemic limitations there will be no in-person audience.

Because these are stand-alone events, we would like you to think of them as a single, long—and entitled—pieces, which would include unifying/multiplying thematically directed aims that lend themselves to going elsewhere in sound-and-image cooperation, complication and rhythm in language and whatever happens.

Our thought is that these works constitute a series of video publications, forming a body of work that opens and expands artistic horizons.

Our hope is that poets will collaborate with local music/sound artists as well as visual artists or whomever in whatever act they may care to include – so we open this series to the possibility of cross-discipline collisions.

As noted, the work will be performed live through Green Kill’s livestream broadcast system, which has a low paywall, with most of the money going to poets and artists.

Performances are archived both on Green Kill’s channel as well as here.

Presently we are looking to produce about one performance per month, though we may increase that pace once we have a rhythm going.

We love ideas so write us if you have one you would like to try out.


Sam Truitt & Michael Ruby, Curators