Lich Gate, The

Lich Gate, The

Clayton Eshelman is the author of numerous books including Indiana, Altars, The Gull Wall, and What She Means. Formerly editor of Caterpillar, he has translated extensively from Spanish and French and is co-recipient of the 1979 National Book Award for translation.

_The Lich Gate_ is a book of violent and percussive verse that drives the examination of bodily and mythic experience through the heart of its own impasse.

The included poem, "Lich Gate" begins

Waiting, the dead rests in the waiting gate.
The gate waits for the preacher
to come up and what

shape of the bell shrine
I sat in a dead man waiting
for what touch of
understanding rayed back across Kyoto
back across ocean to wonder
my mother father
grey, moving to barbecue 1962,
I say in the lich gate a belless shrine,
corpseless, bunched up on a crossbeam waiting.

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