Conscious Ear, The

Conscious Ear, The

Alfred A. Tomatis

This autobiography was originally published in French (1977). The Tomatis Method, which helps develop listening and communication skills, is used in 15 different countries. Tomatis addresses his experience with some of the most difficult therapeutic and educational problems (e.g., stuttering, autism, dyslexia, balance, motor control, and integration) and shows how they are affected and controlled by the ear. His account will be welcomed by speech therapists, performing artists, educators, and psychotherapists.

"What Tomatis has done with sound and hearing is virtually a Copernican revolution." -Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of The Possible Human

"Tomatis' work is the long awaited foundation for what may well be the most important research in sound, learning and health." -Don Campbell, author of Introduction to the Musical Brain and Rhythms of Learning

"In the tradition of Buckminster Fuller, Emanuel Swedenborg and Nicola Tesla, Tomatis is an irrepressible pioneer." -Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

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