r seize, unfolding assemblages of fields & untitleds


The Institute for Publishing Arts
Barrytown, NY

So we gathered up the shadows left by groundhogs Saturday, 15.Feb.20 (a few weeks before the start of the lock down), when at noon we meet at the Station Hill offices to convene a communal-collaborative writing session dedicated to Green Kill‘s monthly poetry folio slated for publication that April. It included eating lunch together, talking and planning, walks in groups and apart and a constant refrain to writing down what did or didn’t happen all at once. What we produced is a group poem a hundred lines in length made in stages to which we were all signatories. This became six things:


Untitled, a 4′ x 6′ text field (two 2′ x 3′ newsprint sheets taped together) in all our hands made of what we wrote there.


“Untitled,” a 4.33-minute recording of all of us reading from the text field (No. 1) randomly simultaneously at once once.


“Untitled,” an audio recording of our reading in a circle one hundred lines from the text field (no. 1).


“r seize,” a transcription of the above audio recording (a 100-line poem), published as planned. To look tap here: Green Kill “centerfold.”


“unfolding assemblages of fields,” a video that enacts the making, saying and dissolving what we made (nos. 1-3).


Wave goodbye.

Enacted by

Christopher Funkhouser     Roberto Garrido     Anne Gorrick     Cole Heinowitz     Kim Jaye     Vladimir Nahitchevansky     George Quasha     Michael Ruby     Sparrow     Sam Truitt     Bruce Weber