Truitt on Intermedia No. 1


18.July.21 Green Kill Kingston, NY

There’s been a host of questions about what we are doing—and what is intermedia, anyway—and pressure to say so we may perform it (even in a lab, let alone the street). Here Station Hill Intermedia Lab co-curator Sam Truitt juxtaposes Harry Smith’s 1962 Earth and Heaven Magic, among other niceties, to speak, intone and recite what we mean as we mean it, spontaneously espousing its primordial origins, its immediate condition, and what forms may evolve out what we can’t make out except as it’s plunged over unknown falls taking us there.

Please note this livestream performance included via the youtube sidebar an opportunity to pose information to Truitt that fed into the active field, or what arose.

About Sam Truitt, Harry Smith & Heaven and Earth Magic

Sam Truitt was born in Washington, DC, and raised there and in Tokyo, Japan.  He is the author of the ten works in the Vertical Elegies series, among others in print and other media, including most recently Tokyoatoto and the forthcoming State/Shaft Shaft/State. Among other recognitions, he is the recipient of numerous Fund for Poetry awards, a Contemporary Poetry Award from the University of Georgia, and a Howard Fellowship. The producer and a co-host of the podcast Baffling Combustions and Director of Station Hill Press, he lives in Woodstock, NY. For more, visit:

Harry Smith was an artist who delved into multiple disciplines in a quest to understand the structure and essence of what he considered universal patterns. He looked at the world through the eyes of an ethnographer and cultural anthropologist and had a voracious appetite for information. Eschewing standard ethnographic practices Smith explored both “high” and “low” art forms, mixing the local and the global and recombining these with a hallucinatory notion of “making it new.” For a select few in various disciplines Smith’s work has been recognized as dense, complicated and visionary. But in the years since his death, we have begun to develop a more holistic view of the connections between the various aspects of his artistic output. From harry smith archives (for more click thru).

Heaven and Earth Magic (also known as “Number 12,” “The Magic Feature,” or “Heaven and Earth Magic Feature”) is a 66-minute work of cutout animation film directed by Harry Smith & released in 1962. Reputedly it centers on an unnamed heroine, whose journey after the loss of a “very valuable watermelon” results in various bizarre situations including a visit to the dentist, being transported to heaven, and a return to earth after being “devoured by Max Müller on the day Edward the Seventh dedicated the Great Sewer of London.”